Apr. 7th, 2011 03:57 am
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So it would appear that some of my posts were imported from LJ... but none of the more recent. Which is not exactly heartbreaking, by any means. I wasn't that attached to any of my posts there. I simply would have liked to have had them moved over. Given the recent issues LJ has been having, that might have something to do with the problems with the import. Ah well. I'll just have to start from scratch. Nothing wrong with that either.
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to those that celebrate it.

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A pattern for Dr. Who socks:

I will pay you to make me these, omg.
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  • 5 8oz. Or 2 ½ 16oz. boxes of rotini, cooked.
  • 1 pint Hellman’s mayonnaise
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup (or can) sweetened condensed milk
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 3 carrots, shredded
  • 2 green peppers, diced
  • 1 sweet onion, diced

    Prepare the pasta. While it’s cooking, mix the mayonnaise, vinegar, sweetened condensed milk and sugar to make the sauce. Drain the pasta, mix in the sauce, add the vegetables. Chill overnight.

    The sauce sounds like an odd combination of things that would not be good together, but trust me, it’s awesome. I really loathe traditional macaroni salads, so when my mother found this one, I was thrilled. And while you can serve this as soon as it’s chilled, it really tastes better if everything has had time to kind of mingle, so letting it chill overnight is best. A word of warning, this makes a LOT of pasta salad. This is best for a pot luck rather than dinner at home, unless you have a lot of people coming over.

  • Yay Friday!

    Jul. 9th, 2010 02:13 pm
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    I feel like it's a sharing kind of day. So. What's your desktop/laptop background? This is mine:

    bad bunny

    I showed you mine, now you show me yours. *G*

    time waster

    Jun. 7th, 2010 12:05 am
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    THIS is way too addictive.
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    This is one of my favorite slow cooker recipes and I told Dawny that I'd post it, so here it is.

    With pictures! )
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    I love this Buck o' Nine song (yes, it is B09, not DKM or FM, as it's often misattributed) and while the video isn't the best, or the best quality, it is amusing. And if you do party tonight, remember to do so safely. Happy St. Pat's, all. (Except for Dawny... GO SNAKES!)
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    You know the snow is bad when the plow guy gets stuck in your driveway and has to call somebody else to pull him out.


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    Feb. 18th, 2010 02:39 am
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    I’ve noticed something, and it’s kind of bothering me. You know, I used to post things here. Really post things, like actual entries of things that were on my mind or had happened to me. This was my journal. But lately, not only have I not been doing that, but when I do post something rather than just use LJ as a repository for my tweets from Twitter, I don’t even reply. So I sat down and thought about why that was. And I don’t like the conclusion I’ve come to.

    I don’t post or reply or talk on LJ anymore, because I no longer feel free to do that. Along the way, I have gathered people that call themselves friends, but aren’t really. They’re people I know, or people who are friends of my friends. But they’re not really my friends. And I’ve sort of been censoring myself because I don’t want these people to know how I think or feel. I don’t want to share myself with them.


    I have made this journal mostly friends-only, going back and locking almost all of the posts. Tomorrow, I’m going to cull my friends list. If you’re cut, I hope you’ll understand. If you don’t, well then, I guess you don’t. But I’m tired of tiptoeing through a place that I used to enjoy and getting stomach aches over how somebody might take something, or worry that somebody might tell somebody something I said out of context. I’m done with that.
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    So I found some fabulous pictures of some intensely interesting sea creatures, then went looking for some more and found myself fascinated by the jellyfish. So I made a bunch of icons.

    jellyfish and sea nettles )

    I don't require credit, though I'm enough of an attention whore that I'd really love it if you did make mention of me. But absolutely DO NOT hotlink. Save 'em to your own computer. Thank you.
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    Apparently, like [profile] tygie_bard one of my rpg characters seems to have answered the questions.

    Not that I mind the result anyway.

    What Greek Goddess are you?

    You are Hera!
    You are Hera!
    You are most like Hera, goddess of marriage, family, and motherhood, and queen of the gods (wife of Zeus). You usually find yourself in leadership roles because you do not like working beneath anyone. You are dedicated to and very protective of your family and those close to you, but you are also somewhat possessive. If anyone attempts to take what is yours, including your man, you let the world know of your discontent. You are very competitive with a bit of a jealous you make it your intent to never be bested.
    How do you compare?
    Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic

    Though, how come [profile] tygie_bard got a virgin goddess, and her picture has BOOBIES?
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    Your result for Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test...

    You are a Were-Fox!

    90% fox, 40% wolf, 10% horse, 40% tiger, 50% leopard, 40% rat and 20% bear!

    A fox is a predator, yet they can also be scavengers and foragers.

    As a werefox you will be agile and athletic. You will take your prey by surprise. You won't be only dieting on raw flesh, but will eat a variety of foods including fruits and berriers. Therefore, your new persona will be easy to hide from humans.

    You will be mostly nocturnal. If someone does manage to track you your cleverness and cunning will make it a very difficult task for them. You will easily confuse those persuing you, because you will be very unpredictable.

    You will have one mate, and a lucky mate indeed. Foxes are monogamous creatures.

    Take Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test
    at HelloQuizzy

    Wait... *reads list again* Okay, fox, wolf, horse, tiger, leopard, rat, bear... uh-huh, uh-huh... Umm...

    Where's the OTTER????


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    Dear Santa...

    Dear Santa,

    This year I've been busy!

    Last Saturday I pulled over and changed [ profile] arami's flat tire (15 points). In July I gave [ profile] quillismightier a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In May I put gum in [ profile] tygie_bard's hair (-12 points). Last week I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] rabies (-5000 points). Last Sunday I invaded Iraq, broke it, and couldn't glue it back together before Mom got home (-1012 points).

    Overall, I've been naughty (-6019 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


    Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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    Unlike [ profile] deborak, I make no apologies or excuses for my 0 in Fitness, Health and Sports. I don’t do sports. As for the rest of the survey… )
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